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Epic way to end an epic series.

I reviewed the other two parts of the series and sadly this is my third and final review for this series. Wow, it has been a long way. Think about it, four years of animating madness has come to a conclusion! you started with "Madness Inaguration" followed by Neurosis 1&2, then organizing the third and then finaly you released day.

Damn, you know how to end shit!
The end is well written, the ending was satisfying yet a little predictable(well you didn't have another choise, everybody had to die.)
the graphics were as good as always and the skulls were awesome.
the zombie voices were better and the killing scenes were amazing!
The JoeZombie reference made me lol(GenMorto) did you try to explain why Joe became a zombie? XD

Anyway, this is better then the other two, but please make this your last madness tribute :]

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Littleluckylink responds:

lmao thanks man, it has been a fun ride


The fight scenes were EPIC, this is one of the best madness animations EVER.
I'm hungry for more so please finish XM4 ASAP :)

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I don't know if anyone knows me\remembers me, but I just had to write this review. I left NG about a year ago and it is sad to see that nothing changed. this collab is exactly like the I did and the same as many other madness collabs! Yeah, I know, the animation is very good, better then most collabs including mine! But besides that it hasn't changed at all.

DIMB-You made some of the smoothest madness scenes ever, so what? it still sucked! I mean, aren't you tired of "Guy enter's room,kills everyone inside,leaves room" scenes? it's not just you, most contributors did, you made the same scene with same idea many many times.

Alpha-Nuva- Well, your scene was good and better then what all the others did, but add some sound effects next time.

GabrielBarsch- Remember back in 2007/2008 everyone said you sucked? Well, not anymore. you are the best contributor at this collab, you are the only one with an original entertaining idea. your animation might not be as smooth as DIMB's but it was fun to watch something new.

Anyway, this collab shows that 3 years after the collab I made, nothing has changed, the animation has just gotten smoother animation. -.-

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Really liked it :D

it was really good! shit 1800 days?
anyway i liked the style and the buttons that actually direct you to newgrounds, it made me feel like i wan sill on the mainpage. anyway it was fun while it lasted since after a while(a pretty quick while) it gets boring and you leave the game after 5 min of pressing buttons. but it was good knowing how many days i need to keep voting to get to my desired level!

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andy70707 responds:

lol, It looks like people finally realize how much time they will waste getting your levels up. Its not really so much of a game, but just a gadget to view level icons and calculate your exp/levels etc.

is it even possible to kill madagascar?

i played it to many time and yet i never got to kill madagascar.
is it a glitch or you made it impossible?

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a little repetive.

i'm not epileptic but this game does somehow effect me. i didn't feel good after i played it. my brain hurt me. and again i'm not epileptic.

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it will be used in the collab voted five heres a review and downloaded

Mr-Carrothead responds:

good man

thery thery good!

made me dance with a sheep!holy shit!
carrot head you have one of the best funky action bit i think i will still use it on oher tuts!

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Mr-Carrothead responds:

awesome :D

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